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ReMPI is a highly scalable scalable record-and-replay tool for MPI applications. ReMPI records the order of MPI message matching in one run and can deterministically replay it during subsequent runs. One of the supported modes uses Clock Delta Compression (CDC) for running at extreme-scale. CDC can reduce the record size down to the bare minimum, which allows ReMPI to keep record data on node-local storage, and drastically improve scalability versus writing to a shared file system.


ReMPI is open-source software and can be obtained on GitHub .

Quick Start

ReMPI maintains an up-to-date package in the Spack develop branch, which builds all dependencies and ReMPI itself. To install via Spack run:

$ git clone
$ spack/bin/spack install rempi

If you already have Spack, you can omit the first line.

Please refer to the installation instructions in the