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Archer is a data race detector for OpenMP programs.

Archer combines static and dynamic techniques to identify data races in large OpenMP applications, leading to low runtime and memory overheads, while still offering high accuracy and precision. It builds on an open-source tools infrastructure including LLVM, ThreadSanitizer, and OMPT to provide portability.


Archer is an open-source tool and can be obtained on GitHub .

Quick Start


  1. Spack: Recommended for curious users

    Archer maintains an up-to-date package in the Spack develop branch, which builds all dependencies and Archer itself. To install via Spack run:

    $ git clone
    $ spack/bin/spack install archer

    If you already have Spack, you can omit the first line.

  2. Manual: Recommended for developers and contributors

    Please refer to the instructions in